Good reasons for choosing a Belt Bath Lift!

The technology of a bath lift with seat cloth offers many advantages, which we have summarised for you below. See for yourself what the installation of a cloth lift enables you to do.
See for yourself what the installation of such a lift makes possible for you.
We have briefly summarised the most important things for you here:

Benefits you will enjoy:

  • Seating belt can be lowered to the very bottom of your bath – saves water and takes up very little space
  • You can use the full length, width and depth of the bath tub
  • Belt adapts itself to the shape of the bath tub
  • easy cleaning - only the seating belt comes into direct contact with water
  • the belt is tightened and allows you to sit down safe and secure
  • integral battery – safe functioning – no mains connection
  • no connecting cable necessary
  • you don't have to wait until the bath water has drained off
  • Bath aid is stowed after use, freeing the bath for other users
  • by touching a button, everything is stowed - nothing has to be removed out of the tub
  • no modification or expansion of the bath necessary
  • easy to install subsequently

Advantage of our bath lift

  • No conversion of the bathroom necessary
  • easy operation thanks to our remote control
  • built-in rechargeable battery guarantees safe function - no mains connection/connecting cable necessary
  • no conversion/removal of the bathroom necessary: simple retrofitting
  • Immediately ready for use

Our solution!

This is the smallest bath tub lift of all. Both internally and externally, the bath lift is made from high-quality stainless steel and by far the most exclusive bath lift on the market. Allow yourself a relaxing and soothing bath knowing you will get out effortless without help.

Example pictures of bath lifts

Here you can find some example pictures of the application and installation of our products.