Characteristics of our microprocessor-controlled control system

Each bathlift is microprocessor-controlled. The control electronics were developped in combination with years of experience especially for the operation of battery-powered lifts and have been proven in thoausands of applications.
All this serves one purpose: having a simple and reliable control.
Trust in our rugged technology !

  • gradual charging of the integral batteries– grants a longer battery life
  • easy to operate
  • acoustic warning signal as well as charge state display
  • automatic belt stop
  • Softstart, waterproof and anticorrosive
  • various safety features
  • variable weight adjustment
  • no maintenance required

Remote control and controller

Remote control and controller

It should be easy - and we have implemented it. With this elegant and at the same time waterproof remote control, you can handle the lift also from outside of the bathtub. Thanks to the coiled cable, nothing comes into contact with the water.

Characteristics of our remote control:

  • elegant and ergonomic case
  • swims in bath water, weighs only 90 grams
  • handy fixing clip (3)
  • hygienic, washable and robust
  • lightweight and comfortable keystroke
  • lightweight and durable coiled cord
  • coiled cord for perfect order

Info: Lenght of extended coiled cable about 2m


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