Belt holder - Installation and Operation

The illustration shows the different brackets for the bath lift seat cloth. These are attached either to the floor in front of the bathtub or to its side edge. This is done with three screws in combination with dowels to ensure a stable and secure hold.

How to find the right height for your seat cloth holder

Your bathtub is approx. 54 cm high when measured from the floor. After deducting approx. 5 cm (our recommendation), 49 cm remain (see in picture 7.1).
The next standard height would then be the seat cloth holder with a height of 46 cm. As a rule, all seat cloth holders are fixed to the floor or to the side of the tub with 3 screws.

Important for you: Our assembly set includes suitable screws and dowels.
You will need a drill and drill bits with a diameter of 12 mm.

When both the lift and the fixing bracket are mounted, the belt can be fed out by touching the button "down".
When the belt is long enough, you can clip it to the grab rail as shown on figure 2.

Subsequently you touch the button "up" in order to feed in the belt again. Thereby the bar of the seating belt is placed in the bracket, as shown in the figure above. The lift feeds in the belt until it is tightened und you can sit down on it comfortably. With the touch of the button "down" you can lower to the very bottom of the tub. Now you can lay back and have a relaxing bath...

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