Power supply - safe power supply through rechargeable battery

Power supply - safe power supply through rechargeable battery

You do not need to worry about the power supply of the bath lift. In all our bath lifts, the battery is already integrated in the device and a built-in charge monitoring system guarantees that the Askku is always charged in time and gently. This ensures a long service life for your bath lift.

An acoustic signal and an illuminated LED on the remote control warn you in good time that the battery needs to be charged.

You do not need a socket in the immediate vicinity and with the supplied power supply unit (1) you are sihcer from electrical voltage. The charging cable is plugged into the side of the lift (2). Charging the battery is only necessary after the charging lamp lights up or if the lift has not been moved for more than 1/2 year.

If the battery still needs to be replaced, this can be done by simply removing the housing. You will find inexpensive batteries as spare parts in our range.

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