Safe bathing - with a bath lift from us!

You would like to enjoy a relaxed and soothing bath in your bathtub again, but the entry and exit presents you with an insurmountable obstacle?
With our bath lift you do not have to do without this experience! Diamantlift has specialized in your needs and offers you with its Tuchliften barrier-free entry and exit at the touch of a button in the comforting warm bath water.
For more than 15 years we have been developing individual solutions, advising our customers and installing more than 2000 bath lifts. It is important to us to enable you again a new quality of life - without renouncement.
As the German manufacturer of bath tub lifters or bathing aids with the largest selection, we have just the right device for you.

Bathing lifter with seat cloth

We specialize in Bathing lifter with a beanie, which make a full bath again possible. With the help of our bath lift lowering is possible down to the bottom of the tub. At the push of a button you will be returned to the entry level after the bath.

The seat cloth is released from the bath lift at the push of a button and hooked onto the seat cloth holder in front of the bath.

Now tighten the strap by pressing the button (arrow up) so that you can sit on it comfortably.

You get into the bath and sit on the taut and stable seat cloth. With the help of the remote control, the seat cloth runs down and brings you safely to the bottom of the bath and out again.

Our solution: a bathtub lift!

You can find more information on the advantages, application and also limitation of such a bath lift on the following pages.
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