Safe bathing - with a bath lift from us!

Taking a relaxing and soothing full bath in your own bathtub - what sounds natural to most people is associated with great effort or even no longer possible for many elderly or physically impaired people.

Thanks to our bath lift, everyone can now maintain their independence in the bathroom. Because Diamantlift offers a barrier-free entry and exit into the comfortably warm bath water at the push of a button with its cloth lift.

And the best thing is: the cloth reaches all the way to the floor and is hardly noticeable. What's more, the bath can be used by other family members without any problems. It is not necessary to convert your bathroom, as the Diamantlift bathtub lift can be easily retrofitted without much effort.

Bathing lifter with seat cloth

We specialise in bath lifts with a seat cloth that make a full bath possible again. With the help of our cloth lift, lowering to the bottom of the bath is possible. At the push of a button, you are brought back to entry height after the bath.

The seat cloth is released from the bath lift at the push of a button and hooked onto the seat cloth holder in front of the bath.

Now tighten the strap by pressing the button (arrow up) so that you can sit on it comfortably.

You get into the bath and sit on the taut and stable seat cloth. With the help of the remote control, the seat cloth runs down and brings you safely to the bottom of the bath and out again.

Bath lift for retrofitting

When planning or renovating their bathroom, only very few people think about the subsequent installation of a bath lift to support the regular use of the bath. With a bath lift from our company, you don't have to, because it has been specially designed for retrofitting and can be retrofitted without any problems.

It should be safe and simple!

We have succeeded in designing the bath lift not only small and compact, but also appealing to the eye. As you can see in the pictures, our lift does not look like a foreign body in the bathroom. On the contrary, it fits perfectly into the existing bathroom structure. And it is completely simple to operate!

Rechargeable battery for safe operation without a socket.

The bath lift is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, which enables reliable and fast charging. This is done via a 7m long supply cable from the power supply unit to the socket. You do not have to worry about dangerous voltage! The supply cable to the bath lift is completely safe and harmless, even if it should fall into the water.

Our solution: a bathtub lift!

You can find more information on the advantages, application and also limitation of such a bath lift on the following pages.
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