Installation with the bathtublift

This figure shows the bathlift "Komfort" mounted with a high floor fixing bracket. (The Mikro model replaces the Komfort model). In this figure, the seating belt is fed in in the basic device. The bathtub is free and can be used by other family members.

The belt is fed out from the basic device (1) by the touch of a button and clipped to the floor fixing bracket(2.1). Now the belt is tightened by touching the "Up" button. The figure above shows a wall lift (1) in combination with a high floor fixing bracket (2.1), which is used to fix the belt on the other side of the bathtub.

The figure in the middle shows a bathtublift in combination with a low floor fixing bracket (2.2).

Finally, the figure below shows a lift in combination with a side fixing bracket (2.3). This one is mounted on the side of the bathtub in the walling and is very handy as one does not have to bend down to clip in the belt.

This figure shows the bathlift ready for use. Now place yourself on the tub rim and slip to the middle of the belt. The belt is tightend by the basic device and grants you safe stability.

With the aid of the button "Down" on the device or the remote control, the belt lowers you gently and gradually down into the water.

The bathlift lowers you down safe and secure to the bottom of the tub. Now the belt is on the very bottom and you barely notice it.

 Now you can enjoy a relaxing and soothing bath!

When you have finished your bath, touch the button "Up" and you will be raised up.
Now you can get out of the tub in comfort. Touch the button "down" for a short moment, the belt loosens and you can take it out of the bracket and with the button "up" it will be fed in into the basic device so that it is clean and ranged.

And this is how you proceed!

You can find the dimensions of the bath lift under the following link > Download data sheet. Each of our lifts comes with a paper drilling template. This is attached to the selected installation location of the lift with adhesive tape and facilitates the exact positioning of the drill holes. As a rule, 4 fixed screws are sufficient for fastening the lift.

Scope of delivery for each lift assembly set: drilling template, 4x dowels and 4x screws, 3x dowels and screws for fastening the seat cloth holder.

For assembly you need: 

  • Drilling machine with percussion mechanism
  • 12 mm drill bit for stone and tiles (please note masonry)
  • Marking pen (for marking)Wrenches 13 mm and 17 mm
  • 8 mm open-end spanner
  • Hexagon socket 4 mm for disassembling/assembling the handle
  • Recommendation: silicone to seal the drilling points (not the bath lift)
  • optional: pipe locator (for possible water pipes)
  • a second person
  • approx. 1.5-2.5 hours time

Due to the built-in rechargeable batteries, no power connection is necessary. However, make sure that the charging plug remains accessible when attaching the batteries.

Important steps for mounting

  • Find a suitable place
  • Check that there are no water pipes in the way
  • Draw the drill holes with a pencil
  • Drill the holes according to the instructions
  • Open the unit
  • Hang the bath lift
  • Mark and attach the seat cloth holder
  • Check that the bath lift and the towel rail are firmly attached.
  • Now bathing can begin

A detailed step-by-step description of how to mount the lift is enclosed with each lift.