Installation with the bathtublift

And this is how you proceed!

You can find the dimensions of the bath lift under the following link > Download data sheet. Each of our lifts comes with a paper drilling template. This is attached to the selected installation location of the lift with adhesive tape and facilitates the exact positioning of the drill holes. As a rule, 4 fixed screws are sufficient for fastening the lift.

Scope of delivery for each lift assembly set: drilling template, 4x dowels and 4x screws, 3x dowels and screws for fastening the seat cloth holder.

For assembly you need: 

  • Drilling machine with percussion mechanism
  • 12 mm drill bit for stone and tiles (please note masonry)
  • Marking pen (for marking)Wrenches 13 mm and 17 mm
  • 8 mm open-end spanner
  • Hexagon socket 4 mm for disassembling/assembling the handle
  • Recommendation: silicone to seal the drilling points (not the bath lift)
  • optional: pipe locator (for possible water pipes)
  • a second person
  • approx. 1.5-2.5 hours time

Due to the built-in rechargeable batteries, no power connection is necessary. However, make sure that the charging plug remains accessible when attaching the batteries.

Important steps for mounting

  • Find a suitable place
  • Check that there are no water pipes in the way
  • Draw the drill holes with a pencil
  • Drill the holes according to the instructions
  • Open the unit
  • Hang the bath lift
  • Mark and attach the seat cloth holder
  • Check that the bath lift and the towel rail are firmly attached.
  • Now bathing can begin

A detailed step-by-step description of how to mount the lift is enclosed with each lift.