Good evening, Mister Arnold, we bought the front mounted bath lift for my 83-year old father, who is restricted in his mobility because of two operated knees. And as the operations did not go well, he can't bend his knees anymore to get in and out of his bathtub with ease. The front mounted bath lift solved all problems, my father is very happy and satisfied that he can take a bath alone whenever he wants. Furthermore, we can recommend this model absolutely, as it compensates the space problems of the small bathroom.

Kind regards P. Strokosch from Berlin

Dear Mrs. Kornelia Schmitt
The bathlift is just as I had imagined it and I am impressed.
I mounted it myself at my parents-in-laws house. Everything went smoothly. I really can recommend your lifts.
The parents-in-law have already used it.
Despite the small mishap during transportation, everything went well.

Kind regards W. Preuß - Kloster Lehnin

Hello, I can take a bath alone again. The bath lift fully serves its purpose. While lowering and raising, you have to adjust your position a bit; but therefore you don't have any space limitations compared with other systems. Without external help, a minimum of physical fitness is recommended.

Kind regards G. Schoone