Bath lifts

bathlift - Safe and relaxed bathing!

No remodeling of the bathroom thanks to a bath lift!

As a body care, showering is an important part of everyday basic care for many people. However, bathing is especially appreciated by older people because it not only nourishes and cleanses the body, but also helps to improve well-being through the even warming of the body and may possibly provide relief from pain. The positive feeling of relaxing after a bath in your own home is lost but quickly, if the exit from the tub is perceived as a major burden or is no longer possible. Often then must be completely dispensed with a relaxing bath. That does not have to be! Exactly for this hurdle the suitable solution here! A bath lift or bath lift by Diamant. Finally swim safely with a bath lift! A bath lift makes it easier to get in and out while bathing and reduces the risk of slipping.

Refit your bathtub with a cloth lift that will allow you to enjoy a relaxing and soothing bath in your bathtub. With our bathing aid you do not need to do without a full bath! We have the solution for you: our bathtub lift!

Bath lift Komfort

With this model you will have a lot of pleasure. The classic model among the bath lifts is, as well as all our devices, made from solid stainless steel and almost undestructable. On every mechanical element we offer you a 5 years warranty.


Bath tub lift Mikro

This is the smallest bath tub lift of all. Both internally and externally, the bath lift is made from high-quality stainless steel and by far the most exclusive bath lift on the market. Allow yourself a relaxing and soothing bath knowing you will get out effortless without help.


Which bathlift is the right one for me?

That depends on your bathroom and the room conditions. Please check the data on the dimensions and the needed space of our bathlift types. You will find the suitable engineering drawings on the corresponding pages with data concerning the needed space. Here a short summary: