A real full bath with a bath lift with seat cloth

For most people, a full bath in the bathtub means a relaxing and soothing time out. But what if getting in and out becomes an insurmountable obstacle? No problem - with our bathtub lifts we have the right solution!

Cloth lift - bath lift with seat cloth

Bath lifts with a seat cloth may seem unusual at first glance, but they have several advantages over bath lifts with a chair.
Probably the biggest blessing of our bath lifts: you can enjoy your full bath as usual, because the cloth reaches the floor and is hardly noticeable. Of course, the bath lifts help you out of the tub comfortably and without worries.
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  • only the seat cloth is in the water
  • the seat cloth reaches the bottom of the bathtub
  • the bathtub can be used in its full depth
  • the seatcloth is stretched, offers safe hold
  • no complicated cleaning necessary
  • the bathing aid is stowed away at the push of a button
  • the tub can be used by other family members without any problems

What distinguishes us

  • our employees love their craft
  • we are convinced of our bath lift
  • perfected technology through thousands of installations
  • production in Germany

The seat cloth is released from the bath lift at the push of a button and hooked onto the seat cloth holder in front of the bath.

Now tighten the strap by pressing the button (arrow up) so that you can sit on it comfortably.

You get into the bath and sit on the taut and stable seat cloth. With the help of the remote control, the seat cloth runs down and brings you safely to the bottom of the bath and out again.

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