Tested quality - Made in Germany

All our devices are made in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, by specially trained stuff. As soon as your order via the retailer reaches us, we compose the lift according to your wishes. Thanks to the close collaboration between sales and production you can be sure to get solutions especially adapted to your requirements.

Just ask us - we are at your service!

With us, you can always be sure, that your new lift is worth the money. All mechanical elements are made from stainless steel and the technology is elaborated by the mechanical engineering sector. The controlling is equipped with the latest microprocessor electronics in order to secure an easy operation as well as a secure functioning.

Proved quality

Our devices are tested intensively and for a long time to make sure that the lifts work under all circumstances at their optimum. With our specially developed test-benches, we load our lifts until their capacity is reached to grant secure functionality and an undisturbed operation. Months of endurance tests simulate the everyday stress of a bathlift, in order to be able to offer you a top-of-the-range product. Furthermore, every single bathlift ist tested on its functionality before it leaves our house.

All our bathlifts are microprocessor-controlled. The control electronics were developped in combination with years of experience especially for the operation of battery-powered lifts and have been proven in thousands of applications. All this serves one purpose: having a simple and reliable control.
Trust in our rugged technology!

Characteristics of our control system:

  • gradual charging of the integral batteries - grants a longer battery life
  • easy to operate
  • acoustic warning signal as well as charge state display
  • automatic belt stop
  • Softstart, waterproof and anticorrosive
  • various safety features
  • variable weight adjustment
  • no maintenance required


Characteristics of our remote control:

  • elegant and ergonomic case
  • swims in bath water, weighs only 90 grams
  • handy fixing clip
  • hygienic, washable and robust
  • comfortable keystroke
  • lightweight and durable coiled cord



For all our products, we offer a 5 years manufacturer's warranty. The latter is extensive but does not include expendable parts like the seating belt or the battery. Although, the latter you can purchase at our house easily and at a fair price. Thanks to the above mentioned measures, we are able to offer you a lift that is entirely maintenance-free and that will provide lasting enjoyment thanks to its careful and high-quality construction.

Bathtublift test results

Our Quality is the reason for the well scores in all test results and testings. Diamantlift always comes in the top positions, whether it is about the discrete design, the easy functioning and handling or the longevity. Our customers give especially high grades to the seating belt and the reliability of our lifts.
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