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Videos bath lift at a glance

Here you can find all the videos that are available in our Youtube channel. The videos show you the functionality and installation of the bath lift.

How the bath lift works

In the following video you will learn how easy it is to operate the bath lift. Simply press a button to control the seating belt. The seating belt of the bath lift moves only as long as you press the button. Lowering with the bath lift is safe and easy. Our optional sliding sling eliminates the need to slide down 3 or 4 times on the seating belt. Only with the bath lift with seat cloth you can enjoy a real full bath again. Once you have experienced it, you will never want to miss it again. Convince yourself. You can find more information about our model here in the video.

Congratulations on your new bath lift. Our self-assembly bath lift set includes everything you need for assembly - see for yourself in the video. Everything is safely packed - Take your time unpacking and familiarize yourself with the tools and all included parts. Read the instructions for use and assembly carefully. Here you will find tips that come from practical experience.

In preparation for the subsequent installation of the bath lift, mount the belt holder according to the instructions in the video. Please be careful not to damage the surface of the material when removing the protective film. Otherwise, the assembly is very simple. See for yourself.

In preparation for the subsequent assembly of the bathtub lift, the electronics must be removed according to the instructions in the assembly manual or video. In the dedicated place for the electronics, space is needed to install the screws of the bathlift.
Be careful not to damage the charger plug and the rubber grommet protecting the remote control cable so that they can be reattached later in the same way.