The following bathlift types are on the market:

  • Bathtub chair lift – with plastic seat
  • inflatable seat cushion
  • Belt bath lift (like ours)

Both bathtub chair lifts and inflatable lifts have the disadvantage that they take a lot of space in the bathtub and prevent you from fully lowering and reclining. That's why more and more people are convinced by the proper and secure possibility of a belt bath lift, which resolves the disadvantages. You only have to mount the lift and you can start bathing.

Finally a relaxing full bath again!

Bathing lift - brings back mobility!

With increasing age and a possible mobilityrestriction, the requirements in regard to the living environment and the bathroom facilities are rising.
The equipment of the bathroom plays an important role as body care is an important part of health preservation.
Solution: Good to know that an existing bathtub can be used furthermore - with the aid of one of the bathlifts from our product range.
Particularity: The bathroom does not have to be modified but can be retrofitted at any time by oneself or by a technician.

The installation is simple and experienced artisans can mount our lifts with ease. Once the lift is mounted, it will be an indispensable aid. Those are the positive reactions that reach us regularly .

Bathtub lift

More than 2000 content customers confirm - a Diamant belt bath lift makes it possible to bathe without any external aid. And more than that - a full bath is only possible with this kind of lift as there are no disturbing air or cushions between tub and body.

Learn more about our lifts and the advantage to buy a lift directly from the German manufacturer.
You get not only an enormous price advantage but also a 5 year's warranty on your lift. Only at our house you can have special solutions especially for your bath.

Diamantlift - the only lift in 4 different dimensions and variations. A lift that deserves your confidence.

Good reasons for choosing a belt bathlift!

  • Seating belt can be lowered to the very bottom of your bath – saves water
  • takes up very little space- fits into every bathtub
  • easy cleaning– only the seating belt comes into direct contact with water
  • the belt is tightened and allows you to sit down safe and secure
  • integral battery– safe functioning – no mains connection
  • no connection cable necessary
  • you don't have to wait until the bath water has drained off
  • Bath aid can be restored after use, freeing the bath for other users
  • at the touch of a button, everything is restored - nothing has to be removed out of the tub
  • no modification or expansion of the bath necessary